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 Spring greetings 2020

At the time of writing, southern Finland has finally reached its thermal winter. It will probably be short because the sun’s light and heat are increasing day by day. With winter storms, Brahestad also received high tide over the quays.

One spring sign is that the Jotailan Jutut Bulletin No. 25 has just been completed and posted to the members of the Family Association. It is also available here on the website. See below.

Again, the magazine is full of interesting articles: stories of families ‘contemporary history and stories of relatives’ lives and hobbies. There is also something current there. The journal has been sent by mail to the members and with the letter the membership fee is counted. The same invoice is also sent to the members whose e-mail address is known.

The seawater in February 2020 rose above the quaysides in Raahe


A new version of Jotaila jutut Family bulletin No. 25  is published at 29 February 2020

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Jotaila Familiy bulletin No. 25 year 2020

Here you can find all Jotailan Jutut bulletins