Family Branches

Schematic diagram of the Family Branches

Släktgrenar schematiskt En 6.3 2021

Family Branches open in two different formats

Here it will opened in WEB-format in a new window/Tab
Descendants of the family branches in text format :

By clicking on the picture of the first ancestor you can access the Family Branch data in text format. Using the command Ctrl+f you can search by entering a person’s name in full or partly. Note: the Family Branch name will not appear, nor the T-number.

SG 1 Christina Sovelius, Myrberg f.1764-06-12. Porträttet är August Maximilian Myhrberg, son till Christina Myrberg

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SG 2. Catharina Margareta Sovelius, Rådberg. f. 1797-04-23

SG 3 Sophia Elisabeth Sovelius, Tham. f. 1809-12-16

SG 4 Johan W Sovelius 1853-1895 T153

SG 5 Fredrik Oskar Sovelius f. 1855-06-18

SG 6 Georg Sovelius f. 1857-01-1

SG 7 Ebba Sovelius, Löwenmark, Relander f. 1892-11-22

SG 8 Matts (II) August Sovelius f. 1895-02-08
SH 9 Katarina, (Karin) Sovelius, Nylander f. 1896-10-16




The Family Branch databases are in the same format as the total database, but only contain the name of the respective first ancestors and their decendants with families. Here the same search principles apply as in the total database.