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Registration to the Family reunion should primarily be done on the internet using the link

If you are using a mobile phone the text below may be hard to read. The document is also available by clicking on this link.

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Our Family Association has deployed a new Membership Registry software.

The brand of new software is FloMembers. It is used for maintaining of member information and billing of membership fees and other. It can also be used to handle event registrations. The most important reason for deployng a new system was that the earlier program layed on chair’s personal computer, hence handling of different duties (as chair, secretary, treasurer etc.) was laborious. The new software works in the internet.

Along the deployment of the new FloMembers an login link was sent to all the members who’s email address was in the register. With the link the members can log in the register and check or correct their own personal data.

Booking/logging in the Family’s internet site still runs the same old way, via the logging to the right. The internet site and the FloMembers are fully separate systems.




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