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During Spring the editorial office of “Jotailan Jutut” has been facing big changes; Pär Helenius will continue doing the bulletin’s layout, while the Editor-in-Chief after many years has decided to retire. Also Pia Sovio-Pyhälä is withdrawing from the editorial work, but has promised to continue, together with Brita Ekberg to translate  the online magazine to Swedish . 
Therefore we are looking for new enthusiastic people to join the editorial staff. If you are interested in taking part in creating the bulletin, please don’t hesitate to contact the Board as soon as possible at
A big thank you from all of us to Pia and Tuula for their long and meritorious, although often hard, work with the Family bulletin.


The picture is a printout from the Familydatabase. Only members of the Sovio-Sovelius family who has an user identity are allowed to read the Familydatabase (More information in Jotailan Jutut Family bulletin No. 22 page 6).


Summary of the Familymeeting summer 2016:

Family Association Meeting, 16 July 2016

I would like to express my gratitude to all of you who assisted with the arrangements of the meeting as well to all you who participated. The timing of the Family Association Meeting was coordinated with the annual Raahe Maritime Festival, which the number of participants proved a success: totally 59 persons announced their participation, among them 3 from USA, 2 from Canada and 2 from Germany! I hope that Raahe offered something interesting for everyone. 16 July 2016

In his introductory speech Mr. Olli Nylander, Chairperson of the Association commended the immense work undertaken by Mr. Pär ”Priccen” Helenius: first by digitalising our family Genealogical Register as a database, and then by renovation of our Family Association Web-page, which is in use but not yet fully completed. In recognition of this work the Executive Board of our Family Association has decided to award Pär Helenius the Association’s Diploma of Honour together with the Family Banner. The items were shown to the participants. Unfortunately, Pär Helenius was unable to participate and he will receive the regalia later.

The Family Association Meeting itself was attended by 53 persons representing 23 families (=votes). Preparations for a possible voting were prepared in advance, but finally all decisions were made unanimously without voting. Mr. Olli Nylander Chairperson for the Family Association was elected as Chairperson for the meeting and he invited Ms. Outi Takala as Secretary. Ms. Marika Mämmilä and Mr Sami Sovio were elected as Protocol Inspectors. The Protocol Inspectors and Ms. Annaliisa Nylander were elected as Tellers.

The Accounts and Annual Reports for the period of three years 2013-2015 were presented and adopted, and discharge was granted to the Executive Board and the other accountable.

Also the Plan of Activity for the coming Three Year Period of Activity was approved. The Plan of Activity contained goals to identify interesting forms of activity, including local activities, with the motivation to activate the members and especially to attract the younger generation to participate. Also the goals to reform the information activities and the means of electronic communication were discussed, although without forgetting those members who are not using means of electronic communication. For example our Jotailan Jutut Family Bulletin is published annually and we hope that it will continue to improve.

As a result of the budget discussion a decision was made to increase the annual membership fee with 5 euros which means that the Annual Membership Fee will be 25 euros/year. The membership fee is family based, i.e. one fee per household.

Mr. Sami Sovio informed that due to his work situation he is not available to continue as member of the Executive Board. Of the actual members of the Executive Board Ms. Outi Tasala continues, and Mr. Erkki Harala and Ms Susanna Sovio-Veikkolainen were elected as new Board Members. Mr. Olli Nylander was re-elected as Chairperson (and he thanks for the confidence). Ms. Eva Lindblad was re-elected as Deputy Executive Board Member and Ms. Maarit Sovio as the new Deputy Member. In the near future, the Executive Board will organize itself and meet in order to discuss the items which came up during the Association Meeting.

Ms. Paula Erla and Ms. Marika Mämmilä were elected as Ordinary Inspectors of Activities for the period 2016-2018 and Mr. Mikko Koivusalo and Mr. Sami Sovio as Deputy Inspectors of Activities.

The Accounts of the Committee of Grave Maintenance and their Approval was covered in the Closing of the Association’s Accounts. The Budget of the Committée of Grave Maintenance was approved after the family graves in Dragsfjärd were included in the Maintenance Plan. Ms. Raija Ingerttilä was re-elected as the Chairperson for the Grave Maintenance Committee and Ms. Annaliisa Nylander continues as Member. Ms. Erja Sovio and Ms. Johanna Pihlajamaa were elected as new Members of the Committee.

The Chairperson opened a discussion about Contact Persons for the different Family Branches, based on a written suggestion by Mr. Ilkka Sovio. A lively discussion was carried out with the result that no Contact Persons were elected, but the new Executive Board will consider all proposals concerning the activation of the information policy presented at the Family Association Meeting.

In addition, the Meeting discussed other errands which had been proposed. The Chairperson gave a presentation of the renovated web-pages, which can be used although they are still under preparation. The participants received a temporary user code and a password which they can use to test the functions of the closed family web-pages

Ms. Pia Sovio-Pyhälä gave a presentation about the grave stone of August Maximilian Myhrberg and the needed restauration of it. On the basis of the discussion which followed, the Executive Board will investigate how to proceed with the project.

The Editorial Board of the Family Bulletin Jotailan Jutut had produced a questionnaire which was distributed at the meeting, and many of the participants answered the questions and returned it. This will provide new ideas how we can improve the Family Bulletin.

The next Family Association Meeting will be held in 2019 and the Esbo Manor was proposed as the venue.

The meeting ended in a dinner offered by the Family Association. Lively discussions continued during the dinner. The meeting began in rainy weather but during the evening the skies cleared up and the participants continued to discuss and share memories until late night.


Sukukokouskuva_2016_DSC01278 (2)
Many participants gathered for a group photo. (Photo Olli Nylander




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